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THC Detox – Treatments To Detox From Weed

by Matt

It’s not unusual to want to find out how to do a full THC detox.

Some people want to detox from weed just to feel better in less time and to be free of cravings to see their dealer. Detoxing from THC can help to improve your health and help you to get better quality sleep.

Drug tests

Needing to detox from marijuana is also quite common given that many employers and institutions now carry out random drug tests on people to verify that you’re not engaging in the consumption of illegal substances.

Most people admit to being amazed that any trace of illicit substances in your blood or urine can result in you actually losing your job and in your life taking a turn for the worse.

However, this is the world we live in, we have to deal with it and if you need to find a fast THC detox right away, then these tips can help.

What is THC?

First of all, THC is the ingredient in marijuana that makes you high. Put in scientific terms, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive substance in cannabis.

THC can stay in muscle and fat tissues and will stay for at least 30 days, meaning you could fail your drug test if you don’t get rid of it fast.

Treatment 1 – Food And Drinks For A Weed Detox

Drinks that remove THC from your body faster are easy to find.

You’ll need to drink twice the amount of liquid that you normally do.

Drink 4 litres per day of water. Add to this good fruit juices, such as tomato, pineapple and banana juices.

Get yourself lots of green tea and try to be constantly drinking and refilling your cup, so as to drink over 5 cups per day.


Stick to protein and vegetable based foods such as fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, broccoli, celery and bananas. Avoid eating carbs such as white carbs (bread, pasta, rice) which can slow down your THC detox process. Don’t bother with sugar either.

Drug test THC detox drinks

If you have a drug test coming up in just a few days and you’re worried about it, relax, there is a solution.

Go here to find drinks for an URGENT THC detox

Treatment 2 – Exercise For A Full Marijuana Detox

Whether you take magic detox drinks to blast out the traces of THC from your fat tissues, or whether you want to detox to feel better and stop smoking weed, exercise is important.

There’s really no excuse for not exercising. There are numerous benefits to staying in shape, and you’ll feel much better as a result.

You’ll also find it easier to give up weed, having a different distraction and focus in your life and helping your body to expel the THC at a faster rate.

Concentrate on intense workouts that increase your metabolic rate, cause you to sweat and tire you out.

Make sure that you’re sufficiently hydrated when working out and eat a good, balanced meal afterwards.

You should work out every day if you’re serious about really detoxing from THC, alternating your workouts.

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