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It’s only natural to look for an alcohol detox drug to help improve your health after alcohol addiction or after prolonged periods of heavy drinking.

We can tend to feel pretty awful during these times and detoxing (or using an alcohol detox drug) is the fast track back to recovery.

Taking a natural approach to detoxing

Using natural treatments for alcohol detox is more beneficial to your health.

Our bodies are more accustomed to plants that come from the ground rather than chemical treatments made in labs.

Although an alcohol detox drug may seem like the magic bullet that’ll get you clean and sober, you should consider using plant based treatments.

After all, if you’re trying to get clean, does it make any sense to have more drugs?

Herbs to detox from drugs or alcohol

The best way to detox is to go to the root.

The all important organ that extracts all toxins from your body is the liver. 

If you’ve drunk a lot in the past and have suffered from it, your liver is probably in quite a state.

Even though the liver can regenerate itself over time, giving it some natural help will definitely accelerate the process of detoxing.

By doing this, you’ll be improving your body’s potential to expel toxins. This means alcohol too.

The best herbs to do this are milk thistle (silymarin) and cysteine.

You can find products that contain both, such as this quality milk thistle.

These are great for getting better detox results in less time.

What happens when detoxing from alcohol

When detoxing you’ll start to feel “cleaner” inside your body and more “light”. This is the best way to explain it.

Your thoughts should get clearer, your digestion improves and you’ll have more energy as the body cleans itself more and more.

Many people report feeling their libido come to life when cleansing the liver.

What else can be done to detox from alcohol?

Drinking 4 litres of water per day (8 pints) with plenty of fruit juice is beneficial.

Intense sport is also a way to detox faster. Sweating a great deal (remember to drink water) and performing short, sharp workouts will help your body to metabolise faster.


Eating nuts, fruits and vegetables (especially raw) can help.

For a faster detox, many people simply opt for a raw food diet. Those who practise raw food diets claim they benefit from a high quality of mental clarity and exceptional health.

Sleeping well

Have you ever had night sweats after drinking plenty of alcohol? The body likes to detox while you sleep.

When you get deeper, more intense sleep, your body can work to expel toxins. It may mean you sweat during your sleep, but that’s fine.

How do you reach deep sleep? I have managed this using the natural supplement 5HTP which had a calming effect, helped me reach deeper sleep and detoxed my body.

I sweated at night during the first days of taking 5HTP, so make sure you wear a T-Shirt in bed. 

Alcohol detox without using an alcohol detox drug 

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