Alcohol And Your Liver Health

As a drinker, you should look after your liver health.

If you enjoy a few beers, spirits or if you like wine, it’s a good idea to look after your liver and keep it in good shape.

Here is some information that could be interesting for you and help you see why, throughout my site, I advise strongly against using painkillers after a night out drinking and promote all the natural hangover curesinstead so the liver doesn’t work too hard or get damaged.

What is the liver and why is liver health so important?

The liver is a vital organ that’s essential for living. It’s also pretty central to everything in your body, and many people report that their general health levels improve greatly as a result of maintaining a healthy, clean liver.

This all important organ acts as a cleanser filter for our body.

As well as storing glycogen, producing hormones and decomposing red blood cells, it plays an important part in the metabolising and breaking down of chemicals and toxins in our body, and this includes alcohol and drugs, legal or illegal.

Many people have heard their liver can be affected adversely when drinking too much alcohol or eating the wrong foods.

If you don’t eat very well, eat too much junk food, drink too much coffee and soda and get drunk regularly without taking care, there’s a strong chance yours is like that of an old drunk’s.

Watch out, evidence suggests an unhealthy liver can give you bad breath, indigestion, abdominal bloating, constipation, bad skin, make men impotent! Arrggh. Stop it now!!!!

If you’re a drinker you’ll know that liver health is important and it can suffer as a result of long term regular alcohol consumption.

Looking after your liver to remain healthy

For maintaining your liver’s health, especially if you consume alcohol regularly, you should make sure you eat low fat foods with lots of fresh vegetables, nuts and fruit.

Avoid red meats and eat more fish and poultry.

Eat organic food that’s free of chemicals.

Have a daily multi-vitamin supplement and (if you can) have a daily dose of St Mary’s Thistle extract or artichoke extract.

Live like this and you’ll definitely feel like a king, and you might even lose those love handles.

Everyone’s liver could benefit from being decongested, even if you’re not a heavy drinker.

Detox your liver

If you’ve been overdoing it, partying too hard and eating the wrong kinds of foods, it’s probably a good idea to help your liver out. It needs a good friend.

The Milk Thistle plant properties known to be most beneficial are in that it is possible to use it to reverse some of the damage that is caused to your liver through excesses in use of alcohol or alcoholism.

See how milk thistle can protect your liver and help prevent hangovers




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Diet and exercise plus a little education can help you become and stay healthy. Don’t live your life so that medical professionals and drugs are needed to fix you once you’re broken. Diet and Exercise for Health.

Read more about Milk Thistle Liver Detox and the benefits of Milk Thistle

  1. Ya blupeurum is a fattasnic liver assisting the liver to. There are many herbs that are fattasnic for supporting the liver another one is gold coin grass (stone surf tea) it is known to help soften and dissolve liver and gall stones. Nice job passing those large sized stones way to go I’m glad you felt better afterwards. Epsom salt helps relax and open the bile ducts. I don’t know if senna of milk of magnesia does this to but you can certainly substitute Niacin B3 for epsom salts.

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