Binge Drinking Losers, Hangovers And Alcohol Poisoning – Ooh

We’ve all heard of the phenomenon that is binge drinking and you may be wondering how bad your hangover can be if you’re considering indulging in this currently popular hobby.

As you may expect, common sense prevails and your hangover is likely to be far worse that a normal one following a bingeing session in town.

In fact, you can even get real alcohol poisoning after a binge session. So my best advice for you is…never do it! 

Find out what are the symptoms of alcohol poisoning

What is binge drinking exactly?

It’s is the act of drinking lots and lots of alcohol in a very short time period and ending up completely hammered.

The result is nearly always the same: the binge drinkers are out of control, can rarely walk straight, are sometimes sick, sometimes violent, sometimes they pass out. Sometimes they end up in hospital getting their stomach pumped. Nice.

In short, anything that’s reckless, careless, dangerous and embarrassing is possible after a binge.

There is no exact measurement of the level of alcohol consumption which qualifies it as a real alcohol binge as everybody is different in terms of the effects alcohol has on them.

To put it bluntly though, bingeing is about getting very drunk very quickly indeed. 

This past decade, the binge drinkers have received international coverage due to the growing influence and the negative and anti-social consequences associated with it.

The phenomenon has even been exported to France, where people still refer to it by its original English name, “le binge”. Unbelievable non?

How about my hangover if I binge drink?

Apart from making it clear that I think binge drinking is for total losers, even though I’ve done it myself (as a wild youngster of course), it can also give you the worst ever hangover, not to mention severe liver damage if you indulge in it regularly.

So it may not be a good idea for you. Just some friendly advice! Most people have done it at least once in their life, and generally grow out of it.

The hangover you suffer from can be evil as they come though.

Depending on what you’ve been drinking, you could spend the next day or two stuck in bed, waiting for your body to slowly process the poison out of your body, suffering from severe pain.

However, a hangover and all the silly things you did whilst drunk are just the visible problems. Potentially more harmful long term will be the damage alcohol does to your liver.

What do I do to stop drinking too much?

You may be getting tired of having memory black outs, waking up with someone you don’t have any recollection of meeting, waking up in a cell or in a hospital from your bingeing exploits.

How do you stop it? Good question.

Maybe you’ve developed a heavy drinking habit, which means you’ll have to get into the permanent habit of drinking less alcohol instead, that’s all.

Often, drinking too much is a consquence of spending time with others who do the same.

The first time you follow these guidelines, you’ll see that it’ll be easier to control yourself and to exercise self discipline afterwards. Moderating your drinking should be easier. 

  • Avoid hard drinks like spirits, stick instead to beer and preferably lower alcohol content beer
  • Drink it slowly. Every time you see yourself raising your arm to sip, restrain it for a bit longer. Have longer pauses between drinks too. Just do it!
  • Stay in control. Make it your priority to stay in control, no matter what. Repeat it to yourself before going out.
  • Give yourself a budget for the night: aim to save money, by doing so you’ll actually end up drinking less. Yes we’ve done it, and yes it works well.
  • Always eat a good meal shortly before drinking.
  • Get rid of your binge drinker friends. NOW.

If you’re still having issues, read my self confidence tips as you could just be drinking excessively due to low self esteem.

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