Evil Congeners In Alcohol – Avoiding Hangover Drinks For Good

What are congeners? Why does do you get a sharp hangover headache after drinking alcohol with them?

You know the type of tight, painful head that we can sometimes get the morning after?

If you need to know which drinks cause hangovers and which drinks to avoid then keep on reading.


The definition of a congener is a chemical impurity that occurs as a side effect of the fermentation process of beer, wine and spirits.

Why do these impurities exist?

Why do the breweries, distilleries and wineries add these impurities if they make your head hurt so much?

In fact, they don’t actually intend to add these toxic byproducts of the fermentation process. They are aware that it happens but preventing the production of impurities during fermentation is a more costly process.

As business want to remain competitive and give you lower prices, they sometimes sacrifice on quality.

Find drinks with no impurities

In fact, less of these impurities are produced within a more controlled fermentation environment which is more costly to the producer.

We can therefore assume that a better quality, more expensive alcoholic beverage would contain less impurities than a less expensive one.

Having said this, certain types of alcoholic drink are more likely to give you that next day hangover headache, regardless of how much they cost.

To avoid getting hangovers, make sure you avoid all drinks with impurities.

Drinks almost free of impurities

Vodka, Gin, light coloured beer, good white wine, good Scotch

Drinks containing more congeners

Brandy, Rum, Bourbon, red wine, low quality Scotch, Tequila

As always though, the same rules apply: drink better quality drinks and avoid mixing your drinks too much.

To learn to make award winning beer at home that won’t leave you hungover, go here.

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