Dehydration And Hangovers – How’s The Dry Mouth Going?

Suffering from dehydration isn’t much fun. We also know that it’s one of the causes of hangovers. Or is that true?

Let’s face it, anyone who’s even heard of a hangover knows that the dry mouth and headache are the result of being dehydrated.

Rehydrating your body by drinking lots of fluid helps your body recover faster and helps flush out the toxins from your body.

But this is just one of the causes of hangovers of which there are many.

Others causes of hangovers are the depleted levels of vitamins and minerals, the congeners in certain drinks that leave you with a bad head and give you poor sleep quality.

Another major reason for being hungover is the high levels of toxins such as acetaldehyde in your body that your liver has not yet been able to deal with following your drinking session.

Drinking liquids is good, but you need more than that

Life would be a lot easier if being dehydrated were the only cause of hangovers, but it’s not.

So whilst drinking some water is necessary, and as well as quenching your severe thirst is also useful for preventing hangovers, it’s not ahangover cure on its own. 

You’re not suffering from dehydration but you’re still hungover? It’s possible. Try these remedies to get hangover relief.

Alcohol is a Diuretic

We may have heard a specialist on the television talking about diuretics, and nodded our heads in agreement but seriously, what are these things?

To put it simply for you, a diuretic substance is one that removes liquid from the body at a faster rate than normal. This means plenty of trips to the bathroom and in addition to this, the loss of more vitamins and minerals than usual in a shorter space of time. Remind you of anything?Get my free newsletter for beating hangovers for good!

Why do we get headaches when dehydrated from alcohol?

After alcohol consumption the body ends up lacking in water, causing us to have a bad head as our vital organs such as the liver need to use the liquid in our bodies to process the toxins and they take the water away from your brain.

This leaves you with a painful head, gasping for a drink and with a very dry mouth indeed.

Not the most pleasant of feelings to wake up to, especially when combined with the various other hangover symptoms.

What can I do to rehydrate myself and feel better?

Are you being serious? Anybody home McFly? Get a drink of course. If you have a really bad hangover, some drinks are obviously much better than others.

Check out my list of drinks that help cure hangovers then go to your kitchen to see what is there for you. Even better, as all food has plenty of water in it as well as sugar, try some of the good hangover foods to get you back on track. You’ll be feeling tip top in no time, good as new.

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