Hangover Symptoms – How Do You Know How Crap You Are Feeling?

How do you know when you have the very definition of a hangover? You have the classic hangover symptoms of course.

Just in case you’re confused, see what hangover symptoms are. If that sounds like how you’re feeling, then you’d better shape up.

Knowing more about these may also help you better understand more about the causes of that morning after feeling.

Symptoms of a hangover

1. Dryness of the mouth

Severe dehydration may wake you up with the dryest mouth ever.

So dry in fact that it sometimes feels like a sandpaper coated rat has slept in there, and your mouth attracts the dust and particles in the air while you sleep. Nice.

2. Horrible teeth

Your teeth have a coating of sugar from a cocktail or final vodka coke drink from last night. Of course, you naturally forgot to brush them before sleeping too.

I bet you enjoy feeling the tippex on the inside of your front teeth with your tongue that already resembles a 10 year old slipper!

Now run to the bathroom and clean them hard!

That might help your bad breath too.

3. Hangover Headache

We all know the pounding, thrashing, monster of a deathly headache, caused by the combination of a lack of vitamins & minerals, dehydration and possible congeners in your drink.

This has to be the most painful of the hangover symptoms.

Enjoy your day! 

More on how to fix a hangover headache

4. Bad Stomach

Your stomach is feeling unstable and rebellious from last night’s strong drinks on an empty stomach. It may make you vomit or you have diarrhea, or both.


Feeling nauseous? Here’s how to find a remedy fast

5. Red eyes

Yes your eyes can actually get dehydrated too, leaving them all red and veiny and looking smooth for that lunch date the next day with your new girl/boyfriend or his/her parents.

Don’t worry, you’ll make a great impression.

6. Tiredness

Given that excessive alcohol consumption means you don’t actually sleep properly, at least for the first few hours after collapsing on your bed; it’s hardly suprising you feel like you only slept 15 minutes.

In addition to this, alcohol consumption can deplete your blood/sugar level, which can make you feel even more tired.

Surprised that you feel like donkey dung? You shouldn’t be!

To avoid these ever happening, learn some great hangover tips. 

Or find out about how to prevent hangovers instead. 

You know the hangover symptoms, but what is the definition of a hangover? 

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