Gatorade For Hangovers – A Real Remedy?

Many people report that taking Gatorade for hangovers is very effective for replacing lost electrolytes and replenishing the body from a night of toxic alcohol consumption.

Gatorade is originally a sports drink that has become famous for helping to cure hangovers since party animals realised that it replenished vitamins and boosted energy, as well as rehydrating the body.

While having Gatorade is great the morning after, some hangovers are just too severe and painful for it to resolve.

That’s why you should take it thenight before instead.

How to take Gatorade

In order to save money, and save having a stock of 50 cans of drinks lying around your house, it’s a much better idea to have Gatorade Powdered Drink Mix instead of the drink itself.

This powder can last you for a very long time and be far less costly than buying cans or bottles of it.

If you have powder at home, you’ll be able to keep it safely in a cupboard and safely mix it with some water to make a drink every time you need it.

When to take it to prevent hangovers

Rather than waiting until the next day when you’ll already be hungover, reach for Gatorade Powder before you go to sleep, right after drinking.

While you sleep, this electrolyte boosting drink will rehydrate your body and provide it with all the essential vitamins and minerals that you need to wake up with a more or less clear head and leave you feeling far more energetic than you would have done otherwise.

This is especially useful if you like to be active and make the most of your days.

If you work the next day and you’ve been drinking the night before for any reason, then you’ll really want to wake up feeling normal and even energetic the next morning.

Alternatives to Gatorade

If you don’t like taking Gatorade for hangovers and you’d prefer an alternative, then I’ve found one for you.

This is slightly different but at least as effective because it contains complex carbohydrates as well as electrolytes. Carbs will boost your blood sugar level and electrolytes and amino acids will help your brain functions.

Endurox fruit punch is designed for atheletes to promote faster recovery.

It can assist in recovery from a drinking session too.

Drink it right before bedtime and it’ll work to help your body recover faster by boosting levels of vitamins and minerals and supplying your body with protein and carbs that dilute the alcohol and cause you to wake up with a higher blood sugar level than you would do otherwise.

It can be a great alternative to or replacement for Gatorade.

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