The Bananas Hangover Cure – Some Food To Bang Your Hungover Head

Ever tried the bananas hangover cure?

Me neither.

Only joking. Of course I’ve tried it, many times.

I generally recommend this remedy for people waking up with an bad hangover headache. It’s more adapted to the type of hangover where the head is the main focus of pain rather than when your guts are churning.

Why is the bananas hangover cure more suitable to fix a headache type of hangover? For two reasons:

1. Because the best liquid to mix mashed bananas with is milk. If you have a dodgy tummy, then milk isn’t gonna help it at all. However, if it’sjust your head that’s nipping, then it’s fine.

2. Because bananas are rich in electrolytes such as potassium and magesium, which are essential for curing hangover headaches.

OR, you can always try to make this home remedy without milk if your tummy is bubbling.

How do I make the banana drink for hangovers?

You’d better hope you’ve got a blender somewhere in your cupboard.

You’ll also need some milk and some honey. Easy right?

Just make sure you always have these in your kitchen somewhere. No excuses.

Still with me? Right.

Now, mash two bananas in the blender. Make them into a liquid substance that can be digested easily. So go ahead, blend away at high speed.

Now, add a dollop of honey. Lay this great stuff on liberally. Not only is it good for your health but it also helps to fix your head and tastes good. Especially if you can find raw honey.

Add some milk to the mix and spin away. If it’s summertime, you can even add some ice to make it a refreshing milkshake.

Now drink down your banana milkshake hangover cure. Tasty isn’t it?

What happens next?

You’ll feel better pretty quickly.

This should start with a surge in energy and your head should eventually clear up to some extent thanks to the potassium, magnesium and fructose in bananas.

Your blood sugar level is restored to relative normality.

Obviously, the extent to which you feel better depends on your level of hangover.












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