Hangover Tea! A Great Brain Soothing Beverage

Ever hear of the hangover tea remedy? Some of you have been telling me to try having a fresh lemon for a hangover remedy or cure, maybe with tea or just hot water. So I thought I’d try it for y’all.

I’m such a good person, getting hammered and trying out hangover cures for the good of man and womankind. I do exist to get rid of your hangover after all. That is my ultimate purpose.

A few days back, the last time I woke up feeling a bit rough and hungover, I realised I’d totally forgotten to pop any multivitamins before sleeping. Doh.

Waking up with a woolly head and dry eyes, I quickly made it my mission had to search for alternative solutions to my hangover.

I had some work to do as well, so I had to get my brain back on track pretty fast!

I didn’t want to take any pain killer medication either, if possible. Plus it wasn’t quite as if I was feeling like a dwarf had hit me with a baseball bat.

I just needed a kick start and full brain massage. Coffee of course, was out of the question as it doesn’t help at all and just dehydrates you more. But hangover tea? Why not.

Then I remembered someone who sent me a great natural hangover remedy on this site a while back. She said to put honey and cinnammon in hot water as it expands your blood vessels, improving circulation. This was a hangover tea remedy to me. Sounded kinda cool to me.

In fact, it was Jan from Health Benefits of Honey. She has a truly amazing site about what honey can do for you. If you’re not aware of the health, medical and beauty benefits of honey, then you’ll be amazed what honey can do for YOU!

In my slightly confused and bewildered morning after condition, I also seemed to recall some random person at some point, telling me that squeezing lemon or lime into tea worked wonders for a hangover head. Especially on an empty stomach.

A hangover tea?

I don’t quite know whether I unintentionally merged the two existing hangover remedies into one memory, or if I just kind of had a moment of clarity in my cloudy mind, creating one amazing hangover cure from two.

So I got a lemon, squeezed half of it into a glass. Found a stick of cinnammon at the back of the cupboard and chucked that in. Then I got a dollop of honey and dumped that in too. Then just for the hell of it I put a teabag in there.

This was my new lemons and honey hangover tea.

So how was the honey lemon cinnammon thing?

Ok chill out, I’m getting to it.

Basically, it tastes great and warms up your whole body slowly but surely. And I’m not joking! As long as you drink this on an empty stomach, you feel yourself warming up and starting to glow. Maybe this is your circulation improving?

The best is to pull out the teabag after 2 minutes and reuse it again for your next cup. Obviously you won’t be able to reuse the honey or lemon! The cinnammon stick you can keep in the cup however. 2 or 3 cups of lemon, honey and cinnammon tea are ideal.

Yes but how about your head? Or brain?

Yes yes chill. I’m getting to that too. As for your brain. Over about the next 45 minutes following your first cup of this amazing stuff, you feel better each minute that goes by. Until you suddenly realise you are almost like normal.

Of course you’re not totally normal. Shut it! Don’t get all ahead of yourself.

You’ll still have alcohol in your blood that needs to filter out over the course of the day. You may need to ingest some tasty hangover food to get totally back on track. But that’ll be a breeze once your head is straight.

So what’s the verdict? Hangover tea is a good cure or what?

Well what do you think? Did I not tell you enough? Try it yourself.

I’d rate that this works for moderate hangovers for sure. It’s something you should try to take whatever condition you’re in. Sheeeet, why not just take one every day? It’s definitely an effective hangover home remedy for you.

If you feel like the grim reaper and you were binge drinking, well this will certainly help but it’s not gonna totally cure you. But binge drinking is for loser chavs anyway, so forget it.

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