Hypoglycemia – A Reason For Your Hangover

What is hypoglycemia?

In simple terms, it’s a condition where your blood sugar level is lower than it should be.

You feel weak, a bit floppy, lethargic and sometimes may act a bit silly. In severe cases, you may damage your brain or body.

This is because there isn’t enough glucose (sugar) in your blood to allow your brain to function correctly.

How does this happen?

You can get a low blood sugar level for many different reasons.

Diabetics can get hypoglycemia when their insulin treatment is administered at the wrong level.

You can also get it from not eating the right foods, or from starving yourself.

And last but not least, you can wake up with a low blood sugar level after a night out drinking.

What to do when you feel weak with a hangover

When you wake up hungover and feeling weak, pathetic and a bit silly, it’s time to find a remedy.

After all, a low blood sugar level is indeed one of the causes of your hangover and one of the reasons you feel bad.

What’s the best remedy for hypoglycemia?

The best way to cure or at least get relief from the symptoms of having a low blood sugar level is to eat food.

Not just any food either. That doesn’t mean you hop down to McD’s to get an overcooked rubber burger served in a stale bun and loaded with salt.

Make sure your food is carbohydrate rich and with plenty of starch.

Think: potatoes, pasta, rice

What is the best food for hangovers?

The best food is simple and loaded with energy.

Don’t overdo it here. You need your energy back up and fast.

Ideally, food that also replaces lost vitamins and boost your energy levels with electrolytes as well as carbs will fix you up fast.

I have lots of recommendations for you. 

The best food for hangovers

How can I raise blood sugar level fast?

If you’re desperately weak and too hungover to even stand up and leave the house then you’re suffering from a pretty bad hangover.

You need a drink to boost your energy fast.

I have lots of recommendations which are all tested and certified by me.

Drinks will raise your blood sugar level fast, but you still need some food too.

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