Hangover Cure Myths and Cures That Are Fake And Invented By Prolific Liars

As well as real hangover cures, there are many fictional, fake remedies or hangover cure myths that are spread by word of mouth and the Internet, some even surviving generations before being revealed as utter, utter, rubbish.

Who makes these stories up, I have no idea! Maybe it’s their idea of fun.

A lot of experience of having hangovers and trying remedies myself taught me the hard way, but that’s good because now I can share my experiences with you so you don’t have to fall for it.

1. Hair of the Dog

Many a time I’ve heard about and tried the infamous hair of the dog for the morning after.

But it’s just a hangover cure myth.

Of course, for a group of boys on a stag weekend or bachelor party, a beer in the morning is standard, but these don’t happen every weekend and it’s not a remedy anyway.

Drinking the next day after waking up just prolongs your pain, maybe softening the landing a bit, but drawing your hangover out for longer.

This doesn’t help your body flush out the alcohol at all and is hard on your liver. Give it a break!

You can find out more about hair of the dog and why it’s a hangover cure myth.

2. Coffee is not a hangover remedy

Starting that evil, harmful rumour that coffee is good for getting over a session of over-indulgence was the work of the dark lord of axe-splitter headache himself!

On trying this for the first time I had about 3 coffees in a row, happily telling myself that my spinning spaceship head was about to disappear in a matter of minutes, the birds would come out to sing, and a silky blonde maiden would then start to massage my head gently.

Well, that’s what I’d heard!

What really happened was the caffeine proceeded to dehyrate me more than I already was after my vodka and beer session the night before, and made my already vicious headache even more intense.

Added to this the irritation this gave me, intensified by too much caffeine, I tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep.

Yes, you guessed it, I didn’t have a great day. NEVER think coffee cures a hangover! Especially not with milk.

3. Taking pills before bed

Another hangover myth that people say cures a hangover is taking either 2 paracetomol pills, aspirin, or ibuprofen before sleeping and wake up with no hangover at all.

What is true is that taking painkillers after drinking and before sleeping may indeed reduce the hangover symptoms from drinking lots of alcohol, on the face of it.

Indeed, by the time you awake, the painkiller will still be working and stopping you from feeling the typical headache associated with being hungover.

However, to class this prevention method as a remedy is false as not only does it do nothing to really treat the symptoms you have (it just stops you from feeling them), but it’s potentially hazardous for your health.

After drinking lots of alcoholic drinks, Your liver is already processing large amounts of toxins (ethanol) and breaking them down in order to expel them from your body.

During this time, if it has to process drugs such as acetaminophen in addition to the alcohol, it can be damaging to the liver.

I go into more detail about what medication you can take and what you should avoid when taking hangover medicine.

I’d recommend never to take painkillers right after drinking alcohol, or before for that matter.

According to many sources, aspirin and ibuprofen are less dangerous for your liver but may irritate your stomach, especially after your stomach has just taken a battering from all the drinking you’ve been doing.

You know anymore fake hangover cure myths that don’t work at all despite people saying they do?


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