Natural Headache Relief – The Most Effective Natural Remedies

Natural Headache Relief refers to the remedies or techniques used to cure headaches and pains only using entirely natural methods.

This means complete freedom from doctor’s prescriptions and painkillers from the pharmacy which can be expensive and can have undesirable side effects for some of us.

Instead, opting for plant and herb based remedies makes much more sense and can result in improvements in general levels of health.

For many former sufferers, natural headache relief is the only remedy.

Natural Remedies Reviewed

Just as the causes of recurring headaches are varied, there are many different natural headache relief solutions. Some may work better or faster than others.

Headaches can be due to stress, back pains, muscular tension in the neck, caffeine, dehydration, poor blood circulation and eating the wrong kinds of foods.

Stress headache relief

For those of us who suffer from stress headaches, there are several effective techniques to becoming free from pain.

First of all, it’s important to sleep properly and to reduce stress. This can be done by boosting serotonin levels in your brain naturally using a herbal supplement such as 5HTP which encourages your body to increase serotonin levels and has a very calming effect for many people.

The effects on reducing stress have been proven by this 5THP study

Back or neck pain headache

If you are already getting sufficient levels of deep sleep and the problem is coming from your neck, then your head pains should be relieved by deep kneading massages.

Hopefully, you’ve got someone to do this for you. However, if they’re not an expert at massages and you find that the results are not effective for you, then a DVD about massage techniques can be very helpful.

Migraine sufferers claim to have been permanently cured by using such a massage machine. The best thing is that you can have as many massages as you want!

Tension headaches

For those of us that suffer from headaches due to pent up tension and energy, acupuncture can provide very effective natural headache relief.

Acupuncture treatment can balance your energy levels and optimise nerve communication pathways so that tension is reduced around your neck and head areas.

You should search for a specialist acupuncturist nearby who can treat the problems.

If this feels like something that you can do yourself, then there are DVDs on acupuncture that teach you exactly how to find solutions for your pain.

Poor blood circulation

Sometimes, our blood circulation is not as fluid as it should be due to the food we’ve been eating, drinks we’ve been drinking or other habits that can affect health negatively.

You need to drink lots of water and fruit juices, get regular exercise and cut down on alcohol and caffeine first.

You need to eat more fruit, vegetables and nuts and consider eliminating white carbs such as bread and pasta from your diet.

You can add some homeopathic herbal headache remedies to your diet to obtain results faster.

Not enough nutrients

Too much work and not enough time to eat properly is a familiar phrase we hear these days.

A poor diet including too much carbs, not enough fatty acids and lack of food and vegetables can lead to health problems such as regular daily headaches.

Not only do you need to eliminate the wrong foods, alcohol and caffeine, but you should also stock up on a good multivitamin that boosts levels of B group vitamins, magnesium and can cause your general health and energy levels to improve.

If your energy levels increase, you should be able to get more workdone in less time. This will leave you free to concentrate on improving your diet.

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