The Morning After Remedy – Get Relief for YOUR Pain

Trying to find the best morning after remedy is no joke when you’re crawling around, close to vomiting, with a darth vader headache and breath that makes your dog run off whimpering with pain.

And then you try some new remedies and cures that you’ve looked up through your bleary eyes on the Internet, only to find that they don’t work at all and they’re FAKE!

Hair of the dog? No chance. That just makes your hangover last longer after a brief respite. Coffee? You’ve got to be joking, that just makes your headache worse.

No, instead what you need is a morning after remedy that fits your level of hangover.

Level 1 – Rough Diamond

The Poison

A few drinks last night turned out to have a bit of a stronger effect than you first anticipated.

You’ve got to be active today, but you’re a little slow and having troubles concentrating. Your computer screen is a bit blurry and you pause for a second or two when anyone asks you a question.

You feel a bit thick and you need to get up to speed.

The Remedy

Drink a can of flat cola and if you can find it, some 5 hour energy or half a can of energy drink.

Eat a mix of fresh greens and starchy food at lunchtime. Don’t eat a lot, it’ll slow you down even more.

Level 2 – Fat Head

The Poison

You wake up thinking you’re fine, have a shower and go about your daily business. Let’s just say you go to work and have to do a normal Friday.

Then when you hit the office the lights are kind of bright and start giving you a headache. You realise you’re hungover and can’t be arsed to talk to anyone. You smell a bit.

You drink a couple of coffees to try to wake up, but they just dry you out. So you try drinking loads of water and go for lunch.

After lunch you feel the thick, slowness and second, warbling fat headache settling in. No, and that 4 cheeses pizza didn’t help either.

The Remedy

Drink 4 big glasses of fruit juice during the morning and take a multivitamin pill. Instead of a 4 seasons pizza at lunch time, have Vietnamese or Chinese noodles soup. A real soup, not some prepared packaged one.

Soup with herbs, spices and ginger will wake you up and cut through your headache whilst rehydrating you.

Level 3 – The Real Deal

The Poison

You don’t know what you had last night to cause this but your head is pounding this morning and you couldn’t eat any breakfast.

Getting to work was a struggle and a couple of colleagues ask you why your eyes are puffy.

Did you sleep in a stuffy room? You may have a head like a cabbage and coffee just makes your headache tighter and dehydrates you.

The Remedy

You need some wake up juice and fresh air. Hop to the gym at lunchtime, or go for a run. Do it. You’ll sweat out gallons of nasty alcohol. You have to sweat loads.

After that have lots of water to rehydrate and you’ll feel fine.

Level 4 – Wicked Witch

The Poison

Last night was a late one. You had a few beers, but you think someone bought a round of shots at one point. Then another.

The problem is that you don’t know what was in these shots.

Oh, didn’t you have some kind of cocktail too? You can vaguely remember a friend giving you a cocktail that they didn’t want.

Today is pretty evil. Your head is pounding like the drums in that hardcore AC/DC tune. You try not to think of alcohol and your colleague annoys you when shouting out asking who’s up for drinks tonight.

Today’s a virtual write off. You’re going through some automatic motions and trying to smile but you may as well be at home.You desperately want a magic morning after remedy to fix everything in your life.

The Remedy

Oh dear. This isn’t much fun. You need to try a few different remedies to get fixed.

Try the oxygen morning after remedy, followed by some brisk walking in fresh air when you have a break.

Right after this, it’s time for some fast working morning after remedy hangover fixing drinks. Try them all.

Level 5 – Beast of Bodmin

The Poison

If ever there was a time you should call in sick it’s NOW.


Because you are sick, that’s why. Horrendously, doubly, nastily and sweatily sick.

You feel nauseous, your head feels like it has 3 different heartbeats pounding inside, you stink of beer. Your eyes are puffy, you’re a pale deathly white and you’re constantly on the verge of puking.

You wonder if you have alcohol poisoning. You wonder why your eyes are puffy and if you should have left the window open.

You wonder about that red rum that passed your lips at the end of the night. Where were you again?

You get fed up with wondering about stuff and go and puke, to make yourself feel better. But you don’t feel better. No.

An hour later, you have to go back to bed again. Lethargy and a splitting, deathly headache tell you that’s the only place in the world for you right now.

Are you going to die? What’s the morning after remedy for this?

The Remedy

When you can possibly handle it, the only way out of this one is to try the ibuprofen morning after remedy. 

It may not be a natural remedy, but it’ll get you better faster.

Taking an anti-inflammatory pill which blocks pain mediators is the best way to get you out of bed, eating and drinking and on the road to recovery.

Just remember, if your hangover was this bad, you should take care to eat, drink and take vitamins the next day.

Ideally, take something for your liver too, such as a natural liver cleaning supplement with milk thistle.

  1. I am diagnosed with megnairis, so I feel your Schmerz.Was I do is sweat, I turn up the heat and wear my winter clothes and then I would go to sleep when my headache is gone wecken.Hoffen that you try it are and it is for you arbeiten.PSWenn a fan, you put in your run, so you do not get too hot.

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