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My name is Matt and I run this site because with other people, I’ve been testing hangover remedies, prevention and methods to get rid of hangovers for years!

I’ve enjoyed a few drinks and parties but I’ve learnt to do it with care and I know exactly how to avoid hangovers and headaches. Nowadays I can almost completely avoid getting hungover each time I drink.

So I am quite smart really. ME.

I’ll always recommend that you drink in moderation and take care. But I also know that sometimes, hangovers hit you unexpectedly and even when you don’t drink a lot.

My experience and growing up in the 90s culture also has lead me to learn lots about drugs hangovers or comedowns from recreational drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine and even marijuana.

I always try to prevent getting hungover before it happens and so should you.

I recommend eating well, exercising a lot and taking care of your liver as much as possible. That way you can increase your resistance to hangovers and morning after headaches.

I get lots of messages and I try to answer as many as I can. So go ahead, send me your question and I’ll get back to you and maybe even publish your question live and the answer to it.

If I don’t, then don’t worry, it means I’ve already answered it somewhere else. Use the search bar to find the article that you need.


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